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Forbes: 10 Proven Methods for Creating a Cohesive Company Culture


1. Hire For The Culture You Want To Create

You should hire for culture and then find ways to get your team together for fun activities. You can’t hire someone who doesn’t fit your culture and then expect things to work long term. Hire people who already stand for what you believe in or who have similar values. Once you have them on board, find ways to motivate them and get them a mentor from your company. Also, implement a point system such as Bonusly. Each employee gets a set number of points each month to bonus to coworkers for going above and beyond, or for anything you feel is appropriate. Give out points to people for doing various things that help the company, such as bringing in a new client, getting a testimonial, writing a blog, attending a training, helping with a big project, going above and beyond. - Jennifer Barnes

Company culture is essential to a successful business - Jennifer Barnes, was recently featured in Forbes. Read the full article:

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