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August Team Spotlight: Meet Brian Wirtz


Brian has been with Optima Office for one year as a Consulting Operations Executive. Primarily, he works as a Fractional Integrator supporting Visionaries and leadership teams of companies implementing, or considering, the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).  That said, he enjoys tackling operational challenges of any nature and helping teams work better by solving issues, big or small, that keep getting in their way.

Having retired from the Marines, he was attracted to EOS as soon as he found it because it shares operational principles and simplicity common to our best military units.  Given the similarities of the Visionary/Integrator (often CEO/COO) relationship, to that of commanding officers and their seconds in command, Veterans are bred and trained to be natural fits within companies running on EOS.  Considering the many operating styles out there, working with organizations that choose to align around a common vision, with the right people, using the right processes, and adhering to an effective operational cadence to solve issues and move the business forward is exciting and rewarding.  

Virtually any organization, and certainly most small businesses, can benefit from EOS because the system reduces the myriad issues that constantly weigh leadership teams down into six discrete buckets allowing for problems to be solved at their core so the company can gain clarity, improve profitability, and grow steadily quarter by quarter by doing less, better.  As the key counterpart to the Visionary (often the CEO), the Integrator facilitates running the business and cross-functional collaboration, freeing the Visionary to do whatever he or she loves and is best at in providing value to the business.  

Brian is originally from Iowa but throughout his Marine Corps career, he lived in nearly every geographic region of the U.S.  His family chose to adopt San Diego as their new hometown after a wonderful experience living in Carlsbad while stationed at Camp Pendleton in the middle of his career. 

He finds Optima Office to be an easy going work environment.  He enjoys the opportunity to work with different clients in various industries as well as the fun culture created by the internal staff. 

The majority of his off-work time is spent in family activities.  From camping with his daughter through the YMCA Adventure Princess Program, to exploring all the excitement of Southern California, indoors and out, he tries to take advantage of the endless gifts our geography, weather, and community offer.  

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