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COVID-19 NEWS YOU CAN USE: Health & Wellness


The coronavirus pandemic has changed what our normal day looks like. Stress looks different and has increased for many of us. It is challenging to maintain mental health during this time. Mediation can help!

Meditation calms your mind and keeps you focused on the present. Health benefits include:
• Clearing your mind of cluttered thoughts
• Controlling anxiety
• Enhancing the immune system
• Reducing high blood pressure, substance abuse and chronic pain

Try one of these three techniques:

1. Concentrative: Focus on a single sound, object or breathing pattern to calm your mind.
2. Mindful: Keep you mind aware, don’t react to sensations, feelings, or images around you.
3. Transcendental: Your body at full rest, mind alert, relaxed.

How to practice:

Use a meditation app (many are free or discounted)
Try one of these techniques:
1. One minute relax breathing: Close your eyes take a deep breath for a count of eight, repeat 5x
2. Five-minute body scan meditation:
Sit or lay down, bring awareness to the sensations of your body. Start with your left side through the hip, repeat on right side, follow same process for your upper body.

Tips to be Successful:

• Schedule your meditation like an appointment
• Find a designated spot – quiet place – not your office!
• Use noise-canceling headphones
• Don’t get discouraged, keep trying (may not be able to get through a full session at first)



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