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August Team Spotlight: Meet Lauren Nordman Randolph


Lauren Nordman Randolph is a Human Resources Professional with 10 years of experience, primarily at the Generalist level. She received a Professional Certification in Human Resources from SHRM several years ago and has had several contract positions that allowed her to try out a variety of specializations within HR which makes her a strong Generalist and very adaptable.

The things she appreciates most about working for Optima Office are the flexibility, the comradery of having other HR professionals to confer with and the support available in the form of our HR team, and the valuable resources that are available to us. She also appreciates how the executive team is approachable and open to considering process improvements. She enjoys the social events they plan for all of the employees. Considering most of the employees work separately, she loves getting together to meet everyone face to face.

Lauren loves being an HR professional because she enjoys the challenge of staying up to date on the ever-changing landscape of federal and state labor laws. She appreciates being the trusted, go-to person for employees. She also likes the variety of work; she works on general compliance, benefits administration, payroll processing, recruiting, onboarding, and terminating employees. There’s rarely a week that goes by without something interesting happening.

Lauren was originally born and raised in the Lansing, Michigan area. She is a proud third-generation alumni of Michigan State University. Go Green! She has crossed the 45th parallel (the invisible line that denotes the location halfway between the equator and the north pole) several times throughout her life, as it’s on the way “up north.” For anyone who's never visited Michigan, she highly recommends visiting the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village (which are directly next to each other in metro Detroit.) If it’s important to American history and isn’t at the Smithsonian, then it’s at the Ford. You can sit on the actual bus that Rosa Parks was on when she refused to give up her seat, just to cite a specific example. You’ll also want to visit the Motown Museum if you enjoy that kind of music; they pumped out a lot of lasting hit music from that space. She also recommends visiting Mackinaw Island for some fudge and pasties. The great lakes live up to their name; you won’t see the opposite shore because they’re so big. Plus, as the saying goes, no salt, no sharks, no problem.

Outside of work, Lauren loves to go to live events like concerts (alt-rock, hip-hop, classic rock, etc.) and sporting events. She's a fan of the MSU Spartans, the Padres, and the Lakers, and not only a fan of the Las Vegas Raiders, but also a season ticket holder. She started golfing a little over a year ago. She lives in south, coastal Oceanside and enjoys riding her bicycle, going to the beach, visiting her favorite (beer) tasting rooms (shout-out to Oceanside Brewing Company), and supporting local restaurants.

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