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Give the Gift of Financial Insight

Braedon Stern
the gift of financial insight

Our financial assessment service is essential for businesses seeking to enhance their financial management. We offer a detailed and thorough analysis, identifying both strengths and areas for improvement in your accounting and finance departments.

In-Depth Analysis for Tailored Solutions

Our process is very detailed and personalized for each customer. During a recent assessment with executives and leadership, we discussed their internal company dynamics. This helped us understand their day-to-day work, the problems they face, and what they want to achieve. Our team's ability to build rapport and understand the details of different jobs gives us a full view that is usually missed in quick, surface-level checks.

We emphasize the power of data at Optima. Our team looked into the latest financial and accounting reports. This is crucial for understanding their decision-making and operational efficiency. Our thorough review offered a clear view of the department's financial status and day-to-day operations.

Team Assessment

Our findings reveal a skilled and committed team well-versed in their roles and responsibilities. Each team member understood their tasks and demonstrated the leadership skills necessary for their position. However, we also identified significant challenges.

An evident issue was the extensive use of manual methods. This not only slows operations but also increases the risk of errors. The team needed more access to modern technological tools, along with time to learn how to best utilize them. This reliance on outdated methods presents a significant opportunity for adopting better technology and enhancing process efficiency.

Furthermore, our evaluation highlighted an absence of proactive leadership. This deficit has led to overlooked supervisory duties, inadequate training, and a lack of strategic planning and leadership support. Addressing this issue is crucial to fostering a culture of improvement and accountability within the organization.

Implementation Plan

Our comprehensive analysis has resulted in several strategic recommendations. One key suggestion is to promptly redesign existing processes, especially those heavily reliant on manual labor, such as data entry and end-of-month routines. Automating these processes will not only improve productivity but also free up staff time for more strategic tasks.

We also strongly recommend seeking external assistance to address the identified leadership gaps. This could involve hiring experienced interim leaders or consultants who can provide the necessary guidance and mentorship to enhance the current team’s capabilities.

Our report serves as a blueprint for transformation. It includes a detailed list of improvement areas, practical recommendations, and a clear implementation plan, all aimed at helping you:

  • Enhance the efficiency of your accounting and finance departments.
  • Implement measures to streamline workflows, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Special Offer: 20% Discount on Our Financial Assessment

Recognizing the importance of financial stability and efficient operations, we are offering a 20% discount on our comprehensive financial assessment service. This special opportunity, valid until 12/31/2023, allows you to access expert advice and tailored plans for your business needs. 

Schedule your assessment and capitalize on this limited-time offer HERE

Disclaimer: This offer is valid until 12/31/2023. Must book the service by 3/29/23 and complete the assessment by 1/31/24. Terms are subject to change at any time without notice.

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