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How To Become the Best Place to Work

Braedon Stern

Creating a workplace that's productive and deeply satisfying for employees is an ambitious goal. However, it's one that Optima Office has successfully achieved, transforming from a modest beginning into a company celebrated for its vibrant culture and employee satisfaction. Here's how your company can emulate Optima Office's success in becoming a "Best Place to Work":

  • Foster a Mission-Driven Culture
    From its inception in Jennifer Barnes' living room, Optima Office was more than a business; it was a mission. This mission wasn't solely focused on growth or revenue but on creating a sense of belonging and satisfaction among the team. To replicate this, ensure your company's mission resonates deeply with every employee, helping them feel part of something bigger than their job descriptions. Cultivate a workplace where the company's success and the employees' personal growth are intertwined.

  • Invest in Building Relationships
    Optima's core operation revolves around building relationships—not just with clients, but within the team itself. This approach ensures client satisfaction and a collaborative and supportive work environment. Invest time and resources in team-building activities, open communication channels, and initiatives that encourage employees to connect on a personal level. When employees feel connected to their colleagues, their sense of commitment to the company mission increases. Consider trying these five wellness program ideas in your company.

  • Implement a Culture of Excellence and Recognition
    Recognition plays a crucial role in employee satisfaction; along with a culture of appreciation and motivation. This could be through formal awards, shoutouts in company meetings, or a simple thank-you note. Letting employees know their work is valued can significantly boost morale and motivation.

  • Offer Specialized and Meaningful Work
    Optima Office provides specialized services such as fractional CFO services, recruiting, outsourced accounting, and human resource outsourcing across various industries. Offering specialized work allows employees to hone their skills in areas they're passionate about, leading to greater job satisfaction and professional growth. Ensure your company offers roles and projects that challenge employees, allowing them to innovate and excel in their fields of interest.

  • Maintain a Happy Staff for Happy Clients
    The principle "Happy Staff = Happy Clients" is at the heart of Optima's guiding philosophy. This means prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of your team as the pathway to customer satisfaction. Implement policies and benefits that support employees' mental, physical, and emotional health. Flexible working hours, wellness programs, and opportunities for personal development are just a few ways to show your team that their well-being is a priority.

A Culture of Employee Happiness at Optima

Prioritizing employee retention, we emphasize the importance of reliability, kindness, efficiency, and strong communication skills. Our guiding principle, Happy Staff = Happy Clients, suggests focusing on the happiness and well-being of our staff leads to a productive environment which, in turn, provides our clients with exceptional service and dedication. Valuing employee satisfaction can truly contribute to becoming one of the best places to work.

At Optima Office, we offer a spectrum of specialized services, including fractional CFO services, recruiting, outsourced accounting, and human resource outsourcing. Contact us today and experience for yourself why we were named the best place to work 4 years in a row!

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