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January Team Spotlight: Meet Dore Hainer

Dore Hainer and family

Dore was born and raised in NYC and left NY to attend college at Washington University in Saint Louis, where he majored in History and double minored in Biology and Business. After school, he went back to NY where he got his CPA from a regional CPA firm in Manhattan. After three years in public accounting, a client hired him away, which started his 10-year career in the filmed-entertainment industry. While working for them in Manhattan, they merged with a company in Beverly Hills. Dore relocated to Southern California and lived there for the next seven years. He then moved up to the SF Bay Area from LA and has lived up there ever since. 

Workwise, Dore made a shift from entertainment, to start-ups and other privately-funded $100 million and under companies as CFO and eventually as CFO/COO (which is his current role at Optima Office). In order to more fully invest in his COO tool kit, he went to school at night in the late 2000s to earn his Masters in Psychology, with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

What Dore loves most about being an Optima fractional COO/CFO is helping his clients and their people grow and thrive – he derives a great deal of satisfaction from the trusted advisor role he gets to play and sees how his involvement manifests in positive results for his clients. Dore also values the relationships he has developed over time with the internal Optima folks. "We have some very talented and lovely people here and it’s a pleasure to know them. I only wish I had more opportunities to see them in person," said Hainer.

Outside of work, the two things Dore loves the most are his son and daughter – both of whom have flown the coop and live in Los Angeles. He is also very active, playing tennis and football, doing Orange Theory Fitness workouts each week and going on beautiful and bountiful hikes in the Bay Area. He also enjoys taking advantage of all the great live music that comes through the Bay Area. However, Dore's happiest of all happy places is the island of Kauai, where he has gone, with his extended family, over 15 times since the late ‘90s. Last of all, his Lavender Siamese cat, Maple, is a sweetheart.

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