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April Team Spotlight: Meet Melanie Anda-Lacson


Melanie Anda-Lacson is a native of San Diego, and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. She attended a local high school before studying biology at USCD on a pre-med track. But within a year or so of graduating and working at a hospital, Melanie radically changed career paths and decided to pursue a degree in accounting. She first began this career as a data entry clerk over ten years ago, but her hunger for learning and growing professionally has helped her move up through the ranks. Currently, Melanie works as an accounting manager at Optima Office. She loves the work-life balance that Optima provides, as well as the management’s strong, positive leadership. 

Apart from her busy career, Melanie enjoys staying active and spending time with her family. She trains and coaches kids’ and women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, and enjoys watching her son’s baseball games during the season. Weekends are saved for family adventures: Melanie loves going on motorcycle rides with her husband and friends, and looks forward to being able to travel again to create new memories with her family. Until then, you can find her on lazy days watching Korean soap operas alongside her children. 

As a valued member of the Optima Office team, Melanie ultimately hopes to continue learning and growing her accounting career. At the end of the day, she feels accomplished when she knows she’s done her best, which also makes Melanie feel her best. She brings a strong sense of personal intuition to everything she does, and admits that she likes to march to the beat of her own drum. Melanie draws inspiration from her favorite quote: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”


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