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May Team Spotlight: Meet Erika Christian


Erika Christian was born in Chicago, but has lived in San Diego since 1982. As a self-proclaimed adopted “native,” Erika says San Diego will always be home. She enjoys the flexibility of driving to Idyllwild for brunch in the mountains and ending up in Coronado for a sunset beach dinner. 

Professionally, Erika’s career in HR came as an unexpected but welcome development. Once her kids were school-age, Erika decided to return to the workforce. One of her friends worked as an HR Manager and was looking for an HR administrator and receptionist. Shortly after Erika began this venture, her friend left for maternity leave, and proposed that Erika step in to cover the role—the rest, Erika says, is history. 

Now, Erika has worked in HR for over sixteen years, and has mainly focused on companies with between 35-150 employees in a diverse range of industries: biotech, financial services, medical devices, specialty construction, and legal services.

On the personal front, Erika loves living life to the fullest by enjoying new experiences with her family and friends. She enjoys happy hours, game nights, trying new restaurants, and playing tourist around our amazing city of San Diego. Erika unwinds by watching cooking shows like Top Chef and the Great British Baking Show, and confesses that she is currently entrenched in the Marvel Universe.

As a goal-oriented person, nothing feels better to Erika than checking off boxes on her to-do list. She thrives through planning and time management, and likes to map out projects in advance to figure out exactly what needs to be done in order to accomplish tasks with the most efficiency. Commitment is key to Erika. Once you commit, she believes, it’s all about following through—and all that procrastination accomplishes is a load of unnecessary stress. Erika’s treasured wisdom is to keep goals realistic, stay on schedule, and not be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

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