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October Team Spotlight: Meet John Soriano

John started working part time during college at a small local Bookkeeping Firm and transitioned to a courier company upon graduation. At that company, their financial, human resources, and accounting team were comprised of himself and his controller. This meant he was fortunate enough to learn a lot during his time there. From there he transitioned to Senior Living/Property accounting position for a bit before joining Optima.
The industries he has experience in are property accounting, managing a small clinic, staffing agency, and courier.
The teams and clients John has worked for all have been great experiences for him. The satisfaction of helping his client improve their accounting workflow is a very rewarding aspect of the job. Lastly, the flexibility in his schedule has been a major improvement in his life and well-being.  
Outside of work he loves to go hiking with his dog and spend quality time with his loved ones.

Left to right: Amy & her husband, Amy and her family at Christmas, Amy and her family at an SDSU game

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