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Optima Office Advocates for Family-Friendly Workplace

Braedon Stern
3 seated female workers, middle woman is holding a baby

As the child care crisis looms with over 70,000 providers at risk of closure, innovative employers are stepping in with supportive measures for working parent. 

Optima Office invites employees to bring their infants to work, providing a solution to child care challenges and boosting staff retention.

Our CEO, Jennifer Barnes, highlights the importance of  "Putting your employees first and showing them how much you care about them. The more people feel valued and cared for, the longer they will stay with you. If you can make some easy concessions and allow for some flexibility with their schedules or their child care, you will create more loyalty, and people will work harder for you. We ask that the child isn't disruptive and that the parent is attentive. If needed, we're open to hiring a nanny to ensure that our team can focus on their work and their little ones are cared for."

The benefits of such programs are clear, with Barnes noting, "high retention," as the policies demonstrate how much the company values its employees. She continues, "The more people feel valued and cared for, the longer they will stay with you."

Be sure to watch our feature on CBS8 on November 8th, where they highlight more about our innovative workplace approach!

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