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Use alternative scheduling to help your business reopen

Business Management Daily, featuring Jennifer Barnes, CEO & Founder

The ability to reopen your company does not immediately translate into resuming workplace life as it existed before the COVID-19 pandemic. With people’s health remaining the primary concern, organizations need to find ways to bring staff back on-site as safely as possible. Alternative scheduling can be a good option for some employers.

Considerations when implementing alternative scheduling

Factors such as the size of your facility, the number of people on staff, who really needs to be on-site, and the nature of your business will influence how your organization goes about creating alternative schedules – if at all. Places operating relatively well remotely may not see the need to get creative on figuring out how to bring more people back to the physical workplace.

Sometimes, solutions prove relatively straightforward. For example, Jennifer Barnes, CEO of Optima Office, notes that some of the offices at her company were previously shared by two employees. These people now alternate which one comes in on certain days.

Especially at large places, however, logistics can be complex. Leaders may want to seek out the services of firms devoted to developing alternate schedules that reduce the density of the office while maintaining productivity.

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