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Want To Succeed As An Entrepreneur? 14 Traits To Cultivate Now

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Unlocking the secrets to entrepreneurial success requires embracing specific traits that have proven to be invaluable. By incorporating one or more of these attributes into their entrepreneurial journey, individuals can significantly enhance their chances of achieving greatness as business owners. Here, we unveil the remarkable qualities shared by 14 highly accomplished entrepreneurs, offering insights into what it takes to thrive in the business world.


"In order to be an entrepreneur, you must have some moxie. Being outspoken, direct, resilient and having the ability to persevere is something that most entrepreneurs have in common. You have moxie if you can get up after failing. Aspiring entrepreneurs can cultivate it by focusing on confidence. Stand up for what you believe in and don’t let others’ opinions or perceptions get in your way." - Jennifer Barnes, Optima Office, Inc. CEO

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