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When Good Employees Do Bad Things

Good Employee

What exactly is Employee Performance? If you Google it, you will get a wide variety of answers. I found one thing very interesting - the question as to who was responsible for improving employee performance: the employee or the employer? I believe it is 50/50. After reading this… you be the judge. While you certainly do not want to follow an employee around with a clipboard notating every error, you do want to keep track of details of both the good performance and the areas of concern or where improvement is needed. Historically, we have seen that many supervisors wait until they get the notice from their Human Resources Department of an upcoming review to think about how to report, evaluate or document an employee’s performance over the past year. Performance evaluations, appraisals or formal feedback are important for the overall growth of the employee within the organization. Making sure your performance review is as accurate as possible and does not simply just reflect that last 2-3 months that the manager remembers most clearly. It is all about the feedback. Open lines of communication, not being afraid to have difficult discussions and coaching your team every day is the key to success. Methods to Track Employee Performance I tell clients and my own management team to try to keep an ongoing note of accomplishments and errors or areas of concern.

Thanks to: Jilian Dimitt of Optima Office.

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