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2023 Workplace Law Forecast
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There are new laws or rules employers in California need to be aware of. What are the top HR laws businesses need to know?

FP’s Workplace Law Forecast for 2023 

Fisher Phillips (FP) is one of the biggest law firms in the United States, specializing in labor, employment, civil rights, employee benefits, and immigration law representation for management.

There are a lot of areas that Fisher Phillips outlined in their FP Workplace Law Forecast, which is extremely helpful. Here are the top areas we want to highlight for you.

Spotlight on Independent Contractors

According to the forecasts, there is a likelihood of an increase in audits and litigation related to independent contractors. The DOL's newly proposed rule for 2023 has made it more difficult for businesses to classify their workers as independent contractors.


It’s expected that more states will look into laws restricting the use of non-compete restrictions, especially in traditional blue-leaning areas. As the Republicans are predicted to win one or more houses of Congress, it is unlikely that a federal restrictive covenant statute will take shape; thus, the Biden White House will have to rely on its administrative state powers to push through policy goals related to this issue. The FTC has been concentrating on what it perceives as the overuse of non-compete restrictions and is likely to focus on that further, particularly from an industry-specific angle.

Job Descriptions 

Job descriptions are more important than ever, especially with the focus on employees wanting to work from home- this is an area most employers should have reviewed.

Gender Identity Accommodation Requests Skyrocketed

Your HR team or HR consultants need to become familiar with Gender Identity accommodation requests and how to properly handle them.

How would you know if these rules or policies impact you?

We recommend that employers reach out to their internal HR team or they can reach out to our HR Consulting team for assistance. Compliance is one of the many reasons our clients come to us. They need help knowing what they are supposed to do. We love helping businesses avoid costly mistakes and mitigate HR risks.

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