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April Client Spotlight: BluecloudUSA

BlueCloud Communications

BlueCloud Communications is a San Diego based telecommunications company providing fully customizable VoIP phone systems and services to small and medium sized businesses nationwide. BlueCloud is different because they put their clients first. From being transparent about their services and pricing to providing in-person installations and in-person training, they go above-and-beyond to put their customer first. BlueCloud experts hold your hand throughout every step of the process and are always available for you. They have no contracts and only offer month to month at will service. Their clients stick around because they deliver a quality service from the heart, rather than a contractual coercion. They are different because they care and that will always be the BlueCloud way.

Their big goal is to be the last telecommunications provider a business ever needs -- that vision fuels everything they do. Meir Singer, BlueCloud's CEO & Co-Founder, has learned a myriad of lessons through the years. Here are a few that hold importance to him:

1) They should have outsourced their Bookkeeping, Accounting and HR to Optima sooner than they did. 2) Failure is part of business, keep getting back up and look for the opportunities. 3) Keeping your employees happy, this will keep your customers happy.

Singer appreciates that the Optima team is very hands on and knows their bookkeeping needs inside and out. They make his life so much easier and take a lot off his plate. Singer's favorite part of working at BlueCloud is helping businesses who are struggling to get their telecom services working properly and frustrated with their telecom service providers and turning them into happy BlueCloud customers. It is not easy to get customers excited about their telecom service, however, BlueCloud has figured out a way to do it.

What inspires Singer the most is helping businesses get the telecom solution they need in an easy straightforward way. Businesses should feel valued and important -- the way the BlueCloud team cares for and manages every customer inspires Meir to be his best every day. Singer's favorite hobby is creating programs and events for the young men in his community to exercise, volunteer and feel connected.

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