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Consequences Of Avoiding Conflict in the Workplace

Braedon Stern
conflict in the workplace

The YEC article stresses the value of embracing workplace conflict as an opportunity for growth. More problems arise from avoiding conflict than just facing it head-on, such as lower productivity and morale. Read the full article below for strategies to encourage open communication and constructive conflict resolution. 

Optima's CEO, Jennifer Barnes, mentions that "Embracing conflict doesn't mean inviting chaos, but recognizing its potential to ignite innovation and creativity. Addressing conflicts constructively can lead to a deeper understanding of different perspectives, innovative solutions, and stronger team relationships. Leaders must address problems immediately, as this builds trust and ensures team members feel heard and valued."

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Dealing with Conflict in the workplace - Optima Office

The key is to not let it go unchecked, says Jennifer Barnes, CEO of Optima Office, an accounting...

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