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Six Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring—And What To Do Instead

five job applicants sitting in chairs

Six common mistakes that companies make during the hiring process are: hiring one person to several roles, rushing through the recruiting process, creating vague job descriptions, failing to check references, narrowing the scope of your search, and failing to involve the whole team.

Companies should focus on skills and experiences that directly relate to the job, use clear and concise language in job descriptions, prioritize cultural fit as well as technical skills during the interview process, ask behavioral-based questions to better understand a candidate's past actions and future potential, take time to thoroughly evaluate candidates before making a hiring decision, and ensure that all candidates have a positive experience regardless of whether they are offered the job.

By avoiding these common hiring mistakes, companies can increase their chances of finding the right candidate for the job and create a positive impression on candidates, whether or not they are ultimately hired.

Jennifer Barnes, Optima Office, Inc. CEO

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