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COVID-19 Resources September 9, 2020

These last six months have been unlike any period in our lives. It has been a time of strength, perseverance, and major pivots. I’m impressed by what many of you have done to stay relevant, accommodate the market, and survive.

Whether this is the end of COVID or not, I hope you get some takeaways in our newly founded partner and client resource compilation. Here is our latest and greatest of the best information out there. You will always be able to find all of these updates and resources on our blog at

Webinars and things to listen to or watch:

Please register for this and support Jennifer Barnes as the most resilient female!

Sept 7th Start-Up San Diego Use passcode: SDSM2020 for virtual event admittance

The Impact of COVID-19 On the Multi-Family Real Estate Industry

Unmasking Trends in Consumer Products M&A with Stout's Robert von Furth

Midyear Outlook from Merrill Lynch

Flexible space in a post-pandemic world

Here are some things to read. Enjoy!

Four Tips To Access and Reallocate Your Back-Office Resources

20 Thoughtful, Low-Cost, Remote-Friendly Employee Rewards

The case for a "K-shaped" recovery?

The Pros and Cons of Gamification in the Workplace

5 Secrets to Developing a Better Relationship with your Boss

To Reduce Remote Team Burnout, Start Meetings With This One Simple Question

How COVID-19 is changing workplace design

21 Ways to Switch Up Your Remote Work Routine

Why the Ability to Listen is the Ultimate Soft Skill

Interesting Resources:

Reallocation of Resources to Essential Travel for San Ysidro, Otay Mesa and Calexico West Ports of Entry

Seaworld Zoo Days: Bayside BBQ & Brews

Warren Buffett: This is the No.1 mistake parents make when teaching kids about money

Mayor Faulconer Signs Executive Order Allowing Worship and Workouts in City Parks

Business Incentive Solutions is located in Laguna Niguel that researches tax credits

Links we are “still” using currently to track COVID-19:

I know we can all come out of this with more gratitude and self-awareness. As always, continue to be kind and caring. Look out for each other and help where you can.



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