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January Client Spotlight: Robolink

Top left: Child playing with Robolink robotics. Bottom Left: Robolink Classroom. Right: Robolink team

Robolink makes robotics kits for students so they can learn about the joys and wonders of engineering, coding, and STEM. Robolink wants to help more students learn about how technology can be used creatively to make the world a better place.

Robolink understands their users very well. Many of the companies in their space were making toys initially, then spun off to become an education company. However, Robolink started their journey as a small after school program at local San Diego schools. Now, they have grown to be in over 1,000 schools worldwide, teaching over 20,000 students, and earning 5 Edtech awards and accolades!

Robolink CEO, Hansol Hong, appreciates the various experts in the field that Optima Office offers, along with their willingness to resolve the unique issues that each company is having. This gives Robolink the ability to scale up and down with ease.  

Hong loves to see how much his students enjoy learning STEM/coding, along with their excitement when participating in drone competitions. A lot of Robolink's students decided to be engineers and have accomplished impressive goals. It's very rewarding for Hong to make such an impact on various students' lives.

"The fact that we can make an impact on various students is both a blessing and a burden that we carry. To teach and prep our students to have future-ready skillsets and interests, we work very hard. That's the biggest inspiration and motivation for our company," said Hong

During the work hours, Hong is completely occupied by drones, computers and smartphones. During his off-time, he tries to spend time with his son by doing screen-free activities and sports like biking, swimming, soccer, and tennis.

Robolink wants to become the #1 drone education and competitions company in the world. They hope to become a household name when people talk about educational drones or competition drones.

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