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Eight Ways Business Leaders Can Retain More Employees By Helping Managers Succeed

MIke Mance

By Expert Panel

Set Up EQ And Communication Skills Training
Getting feedback from employees is important, but how one delivers that feedback makes all the difference. Many managers never learned how to be managers, so coaching them is invaluable. I highly recommend getting 360 reviews on all managers and also getting them both emotional intelligence (EQ) and communication training. Although someone may have a high IQ and be a productive worker, they may have low EQ and not understand how they are making others feel. Just because a manager has a good message for someone doesn’t always mean they will be receptive to the feedback. People get defensive, they deflect and they blame others. Getting them to understand that the manager is there to help and that they want to support them, elevate them and assist them in their growth will enable them to put their guard down. – Jennifer A Barnes, Optima Office, Inc

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