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May Team Spotlight: Meet Bijen Patel

MIke Mance


What is your favorite aspect of working for Optima Office? 

I love working for Optima because it is a very innovative accounting firm. Optima’s management style and culture are amazing. I have the freedom to work as much as I want and as little as I want to give me a work-life balance. I also can work in various industries.

What do you love about being an Accountant? 

I enjoy working with various small to medium size companies and helping them grow. It is very rewarding to create KPI, cash flow, and budget analysis for clients so they can be profitable. Working in a variety of industries there are always different challenges, and it is very gratifying when you can help your clients

Where are you from Originally? 

I am from a town called Vadodara in Western India.

What is your favorite pastime outside of work?

I enjoy traveling, watching football, walking, and checking out new restaurants and microbreweries in town.


Picture on the left is David doing a presentation; Picture on right is David (right) and his wife (left)

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