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EP11 - Accounting Masterclass - Understanding Your Cash Flow Podcast

This month, it’s time to talk about money.

How’s your understanding of your business’s cash flow? Do you feel confident in your knowledge, or do you feel as if you’re drowning trying to figure out which financial metrics you should be tracking (AND how to measure their impact)?

Whether you make $100K or $100M a year — intimately understanding your cash flow is critical to success.

That’s why this month’s Biz Power Hour, Your Business's Money: How and What To Track for Success, we’re going to reveal the key numbers and metrics you should definitely be looking at in your business.

And we have the perfect guest for this topicJennifer Barnes, CEO of Optima Office (an outsourced accounting firm). Not only is she going to give us clarity on the most important metrics we should be following, but she’s ALSO going to give away some baseline numbers that you can start tracking immediately (some that may surprise you)!

Listen to this podcast, and you’ll walk away with expert-level insight on your business’s cash flow, and have an intimate understanding of what to track for success.


DISCLAIMER – Due to the daily changing environment and guidelines being provided by the government, this information could be outdated. Please contact our office for the latest updates and guidelines. Optima Office is not responsible for any actions taken due to the information provided. The information provided here is for instructional purposes and does not represent legal advice being given by Optima Office.



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