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Jennifer Barnes: Empowering businesses to scale with exceptional success

MIke Mance

Running a business in today’s era of cutthroat competition is indeed a mammoth task. Many business leaders, especially those just starting, face several difficulties in their journey. One such difficulty is managing crucial tasks like accounting, operations, and human resource services. While ensuring you have these areas dialed in increases your chances of success, they can also be time-consuming and deviate entrepreneurs from the actual task of business generation. It is called working on your business instead of in your business. Set on a mission to help entrepreneurs with these critical tasks is Jennifer Barnes, Founder, and CEO of Optima Office, Inc. She was recently awarded the Business Journal’s Top Corporate Citizen award, made it on the esteemed list of the SD500, recently won the medium category of Women of the Year from the SDBJ and her company Optima was named a top place to work 3 years in a row by multiple publications.

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