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May Team Spotlight: Meet Jilian Dimitt


Jilian Dimitt is Optima’s Human Resources Director. A native of Culver City, California, Jilian has fond memories of her time in high school, where she served as Senior Class President before attending UCLA. With over 25 years of HR experience under her belt, Jilian is a seasoned industry professional who loves the beach and her family as much as her career. 

Jilian began her work as a registered stockbroker, but her passion for people led her to insurance and benefits, and finally to Human Resources. She earned her first professional certification in HR Management from UNLV over twenty years ago, and received a second certificate five years ago. After joining Optima in August 2019, she has helped grow the HR consulting department to a strong team of ten. 

Jilian says she feels extremely fortunate to be doing something that she loves. She takes great pride in the HR consulting team she has assembled, and she appreciates the opportunity that CEO Jennifer Barnes has provided her to grow the HR side of the Optima Office business. She has approached all opportunities with a key nugget of wisdom: “Integrity is not situational.”

Outside of the office, Jilian loves the beachspending time by the ocean has always been her favorite thing to do. Jilian is also a devoted mother, wife, and pet owner. She cherishes spending time with her husband, Brian, son, Johnny, their cats, and their dogs. 

When people ask Jilian how she’s doing, she loves to reply with her favorite saying: “I’m living the dream.”


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