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Forbes: Nine Ways to Boost Company Culture


These days, many teams are made up of both in-house and remote staff. But this type of office arrangement is not without its challenges. After all, with part of the team not physically present, it can be harder to communicate, check in and maintain a cohesive company culture. Fortunately, technology has helped to bridge that gap.

5. Start with someone who is a good fit, then build processes.Communication is key, but first and foremost you need to hire people who already fit within your culture. We use Slack for messaging to keep lines of communication open. We also do a monthly happy hour or fun company event, and quarterly meetings in person. We give every employee a mentor who they meet with and talk to often. We send monthly communication to everyone on our team, giving them high-level updates, and make sure they know who to go to for what. Having processes and procedures in place is crucial. We recently implemented BambooHR, a system that allows people to put in their PTO and hours available, as well as access their information from HR remotely. We use a system for our invoicing and timecards that is also completely remote and can be accessed via phone. We use a cloud-based system for all of our accounting files and software that people need to access for their clients. –   Jennifer A Barnes

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