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SDBJ Spotlight: Jennifer Barnes

World Entrepreneurs’ Day is coming up on Friday, Aug. 21, Serial San Diego entrepreneur Jennifer Barnes is celebrating by working to inspire area young people to be entrepreneurs. She shares her success and passion with the next generation of entrepreneurs by mentoring San Diego State University students and working with Junior Achievement. Barnes is now personally on her second business, Optima Office. Her company employs more than 50 and its business is to help fellow entrepreneurs with accounting, finance and human resources.

She holds an MBA from SDSU and currently sits on the boards of Junior Achievement and the Better Business Bureau.

“Entrepreneurs drive the economy forward with new ideas that challenge the status quo. They innovate, create and inspire. Entrepreneurs fuel the economy with new ideas that foster growth, challenge and inspire others to be better, faster and stronger,” Barnes said.

Powerfully true. - SDBJ



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