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Serving Clients Remotely with Outsourced Human Resources Management

Braedon Stern
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With the pandemic forcing companies to adopt remote working arrangements, it has been fascinating to witness the significant changes in how we work. These changes have been so dramatic that remote work has often become the norm rather than the exception. According to Zippia, experts predict by 2025 approximately 36.2 million Americans will have adopted remote work, a 417% surge compared to the pre-pandemic period, which saw only 7 million individuals working remotely. This shift has had a massive impact on businesses, transforming operations, functions, and employee interactions. As organizations continue to embrace remote work, the role of human resources (HR) becomes much more complex.

HR Challenges in a Changing World

HR’s role has always been a challenging one, and the increasing complexity of the business environment has made it even more difficult in recent years. From changing regulations and compliance issues to talent acquisition and retention challenges, HR professionals face a never-ending stream of obstacles they must overcome to keep companies running smoothly. 

One of the biggest challenges facing HR today is navigating the complex web of legal and regulatory requirements that vary from country to country and state to state. This can be particularly difficult for companies that operate in multiple jurisdictions, as the rules and regulations in each location may be quite different. Talent acquisition and retention are also major concerns for HR professionals. The competition for top talent is fierce, and many companies struggle to attract and retain the best employees. This challenge is often compounded by the fact that many employees are now looking for jobs that offer greater flexibility, including remote work options.

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The Opportunities of Outsourced HR Management

Outsourced HR management services are a game-changer for businesses seeking to streamline their HR processes while keeping costs in check. Thanks to modern technologies, outsourcing HR management has never been easier, and businesses of all sizes stand to benefit from it. These benefits include:

  • Access to expertise and knowledge that may not be available in-house
  • Better decision-making
  • Improved business performance
  • Unmatched flexibility and scalability that give a competitive advantage

Embracing outsourced HR management services is a smart move for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve, and those who take advantage of this opportunity are sure to reap the benefits in the long term.

Working remotely with an outsourced human resources professional has become a common practice among businesses of all sizes. However, before deciding on outsourcing your HR, some questions may arise. 

Questions About Working Remotely with an Outsourced HR Management Professional

Do I need someone in-house?

The answer to this question depends on the size of your business, the complexity of HR requirements, and the level of engagement you expect from your HR professional. If you're a small to medium-sized business with limited resources and a small staff, outsourcing your HR services would be a cost-effective and practical solution for you, as it might be unreasonable to hire someone in a full-time HR role. On the other hand, if you're a larger business that has someone doing your HR in-house, it would still be a good idea to outsource parts of your HR for tasks that require specific expertise or when facing a sudden surge in workload. 

How do I deal with privacy and security concerns?

When working with an outsourced HR professional, it is crucial to ensure they have a clear understanding of your privacy and security policies. This includes protecting sensitive company information, employee records, and any other confidential information. It would be best to set up a secure channel for communication and provide access controls to any shared documents and files. At Optima Office, we ensure your financial data will be monitored and protected with the latest technology and encryption methods.

When things get slow, can I dial back? What if they ramp up?

Outsourced HR services provide flexibility in scaling up and down in demand. You can easily reduce or increase HR services based on business needs. Just communicate your requirements to your HR partner and agree on the scope of services and pricing.

How will they become part of the team?

Remote teams have become increasingly common due to recent technological advancements and changing work trends. It has become easier to integrate remote HR professionals into your company's culture, and they can actively contribute to the team dynamic. It's essential to establish clear communication channels, create opportunities for regular meetings, and involve them in team-building activities to ensure their inclusion as a valuable member of your team.

Is hiring an outsourced team cost-effective?

According to the Business News Daily, “HR outsourcing saves money. While you’ll pay to outsource HR tasks, your yearly HR outsourcing bill will likely be much lower than one in-house HR employee’s salary. Hiring a full HR team is extremely costly, especially when you take employee payroll taxes and benefits administration costs into consideration.” By outsourcing, you can significantly reduce the cost of hiring an in-house HR employee, as you'll only pay for the services you need.

Ready to Get Started?

In today's global business landscape, it is increasingly important to optimize HR management. Outsourcing HR can help businesses focus on their core operations and allow them to access essential services, such as recruiting and compliance support, from professionals who are experienced in these areas. Businesses in San Diego now can collaborate with a remote team of experts and use the latest technology to work smarter, not harder by using Optima Office. Plus, with the help of an outsourced partner, you can rest assured knowing your business’s HR needs are being accounted for by trusted professionals. To get started with outsourced HR services, reach out to Jennifer Saunders, Optima’s Director of HR, for an HR assessment and get access to custom strategies meant for longevity in this ever-changing environment. Remember, working with the right partner and leveraging up-to-date expertise can be your key to success no matter what industry you represent.


DISCLAIMER – Due to the daily changing environment and guidelines being provided by the government, this information could be outdated. Please contact our office for the latest updates and guidelines. Optima Office is not responsible for any actions taken due to the information provided. The information provided here is for instructional purposes and does not represent legal advice being given by Optima Office.

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