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What the Optima Team is Doing for the Holidays

Braedon Stern
Optima Office team

The holiday season is upon us, and it's a time filled with warmth, joy, and a whole lot of fun activities. At Optima, our team is gearing up for their own unique celebrations. Let's take a peek at what some of our team members are up to!

Stephanie Heathman: Cheers to Holiday Traditions

Stephanie loves her holiday traditions. She's excited about her annual wine tasting with family and friends in Temecula. It's about enjoying good wine and making great memories. Also, Stephanie and her family have a tradition of decorating their house together for Christmas, making everything look cheerful and bright.

Gigi Polanco: Celebrations and New Decorations

For Gigi, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. She anticipates joining her family for the holiday, especially to enjoy her mom's homemade tamales and pozole. This year, she's also excited about decorating her new place in vibrant Christmas colors, creating a festive and cozy atmosphere. And of course, there will be plenty of hot cocoa to savor during those chilly winter evenings.

Scarlett Hirahara: Family Time in Temecula

For Scarlett, holidays mean family time. She's off to her parents' house in Temecula. It's her chance to relax and have fun with her family, away from daily life. Being home for the holidays, with family and home-cooked food, is really special for her.

Gustavo Lanatta: Relaxing at Home

Gustavo is keeping his holidays simple and relaxing. He's staying home to spend time with his kids and dog. For him, the holidays are about taking it easy, laughing, and enjoying quiet moments at home with his family.

Robbie Wentzell: Holiday Adventures in Vegas

Robbie is heading home to Las Vegas for a much-anticipated week with his family and friends. It's his first trip home this year, and he's excited about visiting his favorite local restaurants like Panera, BWW, and L&L. He's also looking forward to playing golf with his dad and staying active to balance out the holiday indulgence. A coffee catch-up with Ben Silitoe, Optima's Consulting Director of Accounting, is also on the cards. While he plans to steer clear of the Strip, he's hoping to catch a glimpse of the new Sphere!

Braedon Stern: Snowboarding and Celebrating Hanukkah

This holiday season, Braedon hopes to hit the slopes at Mountain High or June Mountain as much as possible. He's also excited about hosting a Hanukkah party with a Sopranos theme, where old high school friends will gather, share food, and enjoy each other's company. Additionally, Braedon looks forward to spending New Year's in LA with his sister, rounding off a season of fun and family.

At Optima, our holiday season is all about enjoying what's important. Whether following traditions, being with family, or just relaxing at home, we're all finding a way to celebrate. Wishing everyone a season full of joy, good health, and happy times!


- The Optima Team

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