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Client Spotlight: VECKTA

Braedon Stern

Optima Office is excited to highlight VECKTA Corporation as our client spotlight. Founded in 2019, VECKTA Corporation is a marketplace platform designed to help businesses with energy transition solutions. With more than 550 megawatts of projects under development, VECKTA's notable customer opportunities include top brand names like Honeywell and Raytheon, as well as local companies like BlueScope Steel Americas in Los Angeles and Coronado Brewery in San Diego. 

VECKTA's platform takes all the commercially viable technologies available – solar, wind, battery, biodiesel, EVs, etc. – and configures the right solution to achieve the business objective. Visionary founder and CEO, Gareth Evans, likens VECKTA's energy transition platform to Expedia's platform for travel. In the same way that Expedia bundles hotel, car rental, airline tickets, and more into one marketplace, VECKTA puts the buyer in control of the process. "That's what we do for energy. It's like a roadmap to your energy transition objectives," says Evans. 

We, at Optima Office, love shining the light on our clients who are doing great things in our community. If you'd like to read more about VECKTA's efforts towards a greener and cleaner future, click HERE.

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