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Partner Spotlight: Jailbreak Leadership

Braedon Stern
Jailbreak Leadership team

Optima is dedicated to the community, fostering partnerships, and highlighting individuals who contribute to these efforts. This month, we shine a spotlight on Jeff Blanton, CEO of Jailbreak Leadership, as one such partner. We recently had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Jeff Blanton to gain insights into his company and its initiatives.

Q: Can you tell us about JailBreak Leadership and its mission in the business world?

A: Jailbreak Leadership is all about unlocking the full potential of the teams in your business. Our unique process masterfully facilitates the connection, alignment, and commitment required to identify and implement sustainable change with high performing teams. When teams are performing at a high level, it leads to innovation, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction. It creates a powerful force that becomes the business’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Q: What inspires you to keep going every day?

A: The core of Jailbreak Leadership is to “Make Work Meaningful.” We spend the majority of our waking hours at work and over 70% of employees do not find meaning in their work. We believe being part of a winning team is the best way to enroll, engage, and create meaning in the work environment. We thrive on being a part of unlocking the full potential of teams.

Q: Could you share some success stories or examples of how JailBreak Leadership has made a positive impact on companies' leadership and growth?

A: A company in the medical device industry had unsuccessfully launched a new division that was suffering from product performance and delivery issues. The staffing for the 80 person division was a combination of new hires and individuals from across the organization. Priority one was to energize the team around a collective, passion driven purpose. The next step was to bring alignment and focus for all the sub teams ensuring the entire organization was pushing in the same direction at the same time. Metrics were created to establish accountability and the team was off and running. In less than 6 months, all quality, delivery and product performance issues were resolved. By focusing on the team, Jailbreak Leadership delivered the company’s vision for the future.

Q: Your podcast, "Conscious Curiosity SD," explores various topics related to leadership and personal development. Can you tell us about the motivation behind starting the podcast and what listeners can expect from it?

A: Conscious Curiosity SD has become the voice for San Diego’s CEOs and Founders who are leading beyond profit and positively impacting the community where we live and work. Its origins began with Conscious Capitalism San Diego, and has expanded to include collaborations with BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest, Cause San Diego, and B-Local San Diego. Our motivation is to share the personal stories of leaders that honor a higher purpose, servant leadership, and a stakeholder over shareholder mindset.

Q: What are some of the most thought-provoking discussions or memorable moments you've had on the "Conscious Curiosity SD" podcast?

A: The highlight has not been one particular guest, but the discovery of just how many organizations and leaders are doing absolutely amazing work. We feel incredibly fortunate to have the chance to meet and share their stories with the rest of San Diego.

Q: In your experience working with leaders and executives, what are some common challenges they face, and how does JailBreak Leadership help them overcome those obstacles?

A: It is hard to appreciate all the challenges associated with leading a business and one of the biggest is always people. Statistically most employees are just showing up for work, trading time for money. The ability to enroll and engage your employees is a challenge. That is where Jailbreak Leadership comes in with our unique approach. We come at the problem not from the perspective of the individual but from the perspective of the whole team. When individuals share their greatest moments at work, they are almost exclusively part of a high performing team. And unfortunately, most teams do not perform well. Turning that around creates a huge win for the business, the team, and of course the individual.

Q: How can organizations interested in partnering with JailBreak Leadership or benefiting from its services get in touch or learn more about your work?

A: Jailbreak Leadership is for EVERY TEAM in your business. From Sr. Leadership to cross functional project teams, anytime you are looking to get from HERE to THERE, increased team collaboration is your biggest competitive advantage.

Whenever a team in your business needs better connection, alignment, and commitment, using the Jailbreak Leadership process to launch or turn things around will make all the difference. This includes strategic planning, sales meetings, or company retreats. Engaging the Jailbreak Leadership process will have your team leaving closer as a unit and with a sense of urgency to move from conversation to action!

If you want to have a conversation and see how we can facilitate increased team performance in your business, email Jeff Blanton at or visit our website at for more info.

You can check out Optima’s own Jennifer Barnes’ Conscious Curiosity SD Episode HERE and dozens of other CEOs and Founders sharing their stories of how they are using the influence of business to positively impact our community in San Diego.

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