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June Team Spotlight: Meet Accacia Mvouama


Accacia Mvouama is a Senior Accountant at Optima Office. Born and raised in Congo, Accacia is fluent in English, French (her first language) and also two other languages from her country. Besides being a star accountant, Acacia is an award-winning dancer and passionate about cooking and film.

Accacia’s accounting career began in high school with her father’s guidance. Through hard work and studies, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Accounting & Financial Management from Congo-Brazzaville. She worked for two international corporations in customer service and accounting positions before starting work in accounts receivable for an American company.

Now at Optima Office, Accacia says that she cherishes the care and solidarity that all employees have for one another. “There is a place for everyone to grow based on your goal and what you want to accomplish,” she says. Accacia likes working with professionals from whom she can learn, and who help push her to take on new and challenging opportunities. This, she says, helps her feel respected and valued for what she brings to the company.

Outside of work, Accacia enjoys listening to music and dancing, and won a gold medal in hip-hop dance at the Francophone Games e in France in 2013. Her favorite genre of film is action movies, and she is trying to spend more time reading, as well. She finds joy in cooking and spending time with her friends and family. Accacia says she feels like her relationships with the people in her life are centered on mutual motivation and celebration, enjoying life, small talks, and being there for one another during rough times as life goes on. 

Accacia tries to live by the quote “You can do anything you set your mind to,” which she relates to because hard work is necessary in all situations to obtain your desired outcome. She feels accomplished when she is able to get a smile from the person in front of her, whether by executing jobs for her clients, by serving, or by helping people accomplish their goals.

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