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March Team Spotlight: Meet Greg Decker



Greg is a native of the Bay Area, where he grew up before attending Pomona College and receiving an MBA from Harvard University. Since then, his expansive career has taken him all over the world: he’s lived and worked in Maryland, New York, Hawaii, Australia, and England. Greg currently works as a consulting CFO at Optima to direct clients’ operational and finance functions. Though he joined the firm in 2019, he has held a CFO title for a number of years, offering his broad expertise to myriad clients in a diverse array of industries, including health care, medical diagnostics, and telecom. Earlier in his career, Greg held management positions at Qualcomm and at one of the first smartphone companies in the world.

Family is important to Greg. He loves spending time with his children, who are all now grown. But Greg never admits to having grown up himself—he enjoys playing spike ball and pickleball with his family and finds it important to stay active. Greg was thrilled that his children all chose to come and work from home with him during the pandemic, and eagerly anticipates adventurous travels with his family again soon.

At Optima he appreciates the firm’s variety of opportunities. He is excited to be part of Optima as it continues to grow and bring on new adventures. Greg roots his career in wisdom once articulated by Denzel Washington: “Don’t just aspire to make a living. Aspire to make a difference.”

When he’s not aspiring to make a difference in his clients’ lives, Greg loves barbecuing and cooking food on the smoker, often with a cold beverage in hand. Fitness is another of Greg’s hobbies—he frequently attends classes at his gym, but in recent months has been going on long bike rides and hikes, and finds joy in climbing local summits to watch the sunrise. Additionally, Greg is an avid soccer (or football) fan and watches as many games as he can. Professionally, he draws motivation from the feeling that he is truly helping the people he is consulting with. Greg loves knowing he is making a positive contribution to other people’s success.


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