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A Guide to Fair Recruitment Practices from Industry Leaders

Braedon Stern
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Establishing an equitable recruiting and hiring process is vital in today's talent-driven market. Unintended biases can cause companies to bypass excellent candidates. The Young Entrepreneur Council touches upon this intricate issue, presenting nine strategies to make the hiring process more balanced and fair.

Jennifer Barnes, the CEO of Optima Office, touches on this subject: "Give the same assessments to everyone. For example, at my company, we give everyone who works for us an IQ test and a 'tolerance of ambiguity' assessment, regardless of their level or position. How well you handle change is vital for us as consultants in a fast-growing firm. We also do a personality test to help determine whether someone is a good cultural fit for the organization." Barnes' perspective underscores the importance of uniformity in assessments, ensuring every candidate is judged on the same criteria, which, in turn, fosters a more equitable hiring environment.

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