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The Best Recruiting Tips from Entrepreneurs

Braedon Stern
Human Resources; Recruiting

In the article titled "The Best Recruiting Tips: 14 Entrepreneurs Give Their Hiring Hacks," Jennifer A. Barnes, CEO of Optima Office, Inc., shares her effective recruiting strategy to ensure cultural fit during the hiring process. Barnes highlights the importance of looking for people who already fit the culture:

"I hire people who already fit my culture and don’t aim to change who my employees are. Two questions I love to ask is how they would spend $5 million after taxes, or what their biggest pet peeve is. I will ask 20 questions over an hour interview, and it really helps me to get to know my future employees and turn away the ones I know won’t be a good fit for my firm." For more comprehensive insights and a variety of expert opinions on effective recruiting strategies, read the full article here.

If you're seeking to enhance your company's hiring process, Optima Office provides guidance to help businesses improve their recruitment techniques.

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